vacation winter ball balloon

It’s my 31st trip around the sun, and if we’re envisioning it in terms of a spinning merry-go-round, well – slow down horsey!

This isn’t ordinarily a milestone birthday in the sense of any tangible benefit. I’m already a fully licensed driver. I can already legally sit down for a stiff drink at the corner pub with a couple good friends. But this WILL be one of my most celebrated years yet. This is the year when I’m reclaiming my life from the mistakes I made in my 20s.

My weight is down 58 pounds from the beginning of November. Before November, my evenings consisted of either bar hopping, pizza delivery, or sit downs at the Texas Roadhouse for my bread-and-butter fix with a tall Bud Light. And keep the refills coming! My BMI is now within normal range according to the doctor’s chart. Tightening the blood pressure cuff around my arm and discovering the reading no longer prompts a lifted eyebrow from the medical techs. Health wise, I’m repairing the damage I inflicted quicker than I expected.

I’ve established a goal for my finances. Overtime wages used to be put toward careless spending with mini vacations (that Will & Grace taping in L.A. though was so worth it), longer vacations, and mountains of packages delivered by Amazon Prime (why not make it a year long Christmas?). With my plan, I’m embracing a quieter lifestyle that won’t require as much overtime work. Now to just discover how to convince myself to spend that extra time in the gym!

I’m super excited to see what surprises this year will bring forward. Thank you to my wonderful friends, my parents, and the pharmacy technician who I picked up a medication from today (how’s that for a classic sign of “YOU’RE GETTIN’ OLD!”) for the birthday wishes!!

Back on this merry-go-round I go!

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